segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

# 103 - 17/04/2009

Programa produzido por Furia e apresentado por Flavia Lins.

Beck – Loser
Pavement – cut your hair
Stone Temple Pilots – Meat plow
Butthole Surfers – Goofy´s concern

Pixies – Broken Face
The Smashing Pumpkins – zero
Dinosaur jr. - out there
Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane

Lock Up – After life in purgatory
Napalm Death – I Abstain
Nasun – Inhale/Exhale
Lividity – Rape for rent
Brain Drill – gorification

Dying Fetus – Praise the Lord (opinion of the masses)
Cannibal Corpse – Priests of Sodom
Nile – Ithyphalic
Sign of Hate – of your despair

Carcass – Genital grinder/Cadaveric Encubator of Endoparasites
Moñigo – lucha interior
Incinerated Clitorial Region – Revelation in the anal ejaculation of a fucked bitch
Cock and Ball torture – Where girls learn to piss on command
Anal Cunt - Morrissey


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